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How to have Healthy Difficult Conversations
(3-part mini-video series)

The Problem:

  • At the individual level

    • Staff is feeling stressed and frustrated. Some may be feeling hopeless, cynical, stuck, or crippled that things won’t change.

    • Decreased morale, engagement, and motivation

    • Longer-term impacts and concerns are that people may be on the path of burnout

  • At the team level

    • There is a culture of distrust, weak on accountability, and teammates are not feeling psychologically safe 

    • People may be avoiding each other or interacting minimally when the team needs to communicate openly

    • Silos are present and information is not being freely shared amongst teams

    • Longer-term concerns are that teams may be on the path towards a toxic culture

  • At the organization level

    • Potential risks of poor or mediocre results or negative impacts on customer or client care

    • The ability to retain high-quality talent may be impacted and the development of future leaders stunted

    • In extreme cases, there may be concerns that the organization is not delivering on its mission at the desired high quality

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